Message from the Prime Minister

A woman who makes others aware of the process and benefits of civic registration

Svay Rieng province: Mrs. Meas Phally, 30, currently lives in Toul Trabek village (which is in Prasaut Commune, SvayTiep District, Svay Rieng Province). After finishing grade 8, she worked for a private transportation company for five years.

She was then selected to be in charge of women’s and children’s affairs in the Commune. In the third mandate of commune elections, Mrs. Phally was elected as a Councilor and became a permanent member of the Commune Women’s and Children Consultative Committee (WCCC), in accordance with the law.

Mrs. Phally is a widow with one child. She currently lives with her parents and five family members. She is a hard-working woman who encourages civic registration values. She disseminated information to the community, stressing the importance of this civic registration, including birth certificate registration, marriage certificate registration, and death certificate registration.

These certificates are crucial legal documents, especially for children who are old enough to go to school. Mrs. Phally encouraged people to take their children who reached the age of 30 days to get their birth certificates registered.

The marriage certificate is also crucial for any couple who wish to get divorced because it provides evidence for splitting assets after marriage. The death certificate can certify the deceased in any family and provide benefits for relatives such as allowing a husband or wife to find a new partner legally or to use the certificate to receive an allowance in cases where the deceased is a civil servant.

During WCCC meetings, Mrs. Phally often raises issues confronting women and children in the area of civic registration. For example, some people fail to register when they migrate into other provinces for business purposes. When they return to their homeland and their children are old enough to go to school they may find this difficult because of a lack of registration. In meetings, she encourages the Committee, Commune Chief, and Commune Clerk to encourage and promote registration.

Because of her activism, many people are now more knowledgeable than they were before and many have made sure to register births, marriages, and deaths. By: Gender Working Group, Ministry of Women’s Affairs/NCDD